Friday, July 27, 2012

Late July Update

Hello everyone, how is your days going? :D

I just realized I haven't submit anything for the past weeks. Got a lot of things in my mind right now. Works, college, and community projects filled my head with deadlines. And somehow I don't have any idea what to draw. I feel like my drawings are being repetitive in terms of theme. Well, actually it's OK but I want to do something different.

Moreover, my CPU is tripping balls. Ever since I changed my motherboard, my CPU usage is off the chart. I only played Minecraft (and I don't turn any other application on) and the usage went through the roof. I should probably change my Processor, or just re-install the OS.

Anyway, lots of things happening on my community project this month. We got featured in magazine, interviewed on local radio, and of course taking part on various event to promote our community. It really makes me happy, seeing the community expanding widely since the first time I joined.

So... probably I won't be submitting much drawing these weeks. But if I get a free time (and fixed my PC) I'll try to do some drawing.

See ya!

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