Saturday, October 09, 2010

Artblock is... blocking.

Yeah, this artblock disease is annoying. I really want to draw something, but somehow every time i tried, it feels wrong. What is the best way to handle this disease? I guess it's my mood swing that cause this. I should get rid of this, classes has started, and i don't want it to get in the way between me & my assignments.

But i guess, it's starts to slowly fade away. I tried to search more speed-painting tutorials on YouTube, and found some. I even found one from my favorite illustrator, Redjuice. God, he's so awesome. And he is using Wacom Cyntiq, damn that makes me drooling.

But well, thanks to that, i'm able to draw something. I guess when i have earn my own money from my own works, i'll save it to buy a Cyntiq.

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