Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A nice little update...

Hello there, just 1 more day till Ramadhan in my country.

Phew, these last 3-4 days i've been wandering around in YouTube, and accidentally found some other Western Vocaloid Producers. They're awesome, and even some of them are from the same country of mine, Indonesia! Somehow it makes me happy, knowing there are others in my country who do these things.

They even have their own forum for western Vocaloid producers. It's nice to see different style of music composed by others, somehow it gives you more view about music styles. Now, they are gathering songs from western producers to put it in weekly ranking.

You should check their forum, it's still new though.
Vocaloid Creativity Forum


Now, moving to the next song project... i'm thinking to do some easy-listening style, see if i can pull it off.

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